Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Stella Artois- MOTHER

This ad puts a clever twist on what happens when a guy brings a girl home. He shows off his cool gadgets and woos her. But this time, she is engulfed by the gadgets and the beer prevails to be what the guy really wants. As a woman, I'm not offended by this ad. I think it could go both ways- it could have easily  been set in a woman's apartment and the guy could have been eaten by the couch. I'd like to see more like this but with different scenarios. Perhaps a man proposes to a woman in a very extravagant way- and instead of wooing over the ring/proposal she is more excited by the stella that he gives her before the proposal. It could also be a great interactive ad on a website. It'd be fun to click around the apartment and play with the different gadgets and see how creative/subtle the art director could be with product placement.

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