Tuesday, March 30, 2010


SF, Halo 3 ODST

This commercial is a collaborative effort between many high tech companies, including T.A.G. SF. I liked how real it was... a bit scary though. I felt like it was more of a movie and not a game... I suppose they want you to think that so you have a "real life" experience in the game...yikes. Who would want to go to war, let alone, who really thinks of it as a game? I don't get how a game of death is something you want to "Jump In" to and I'm glad T.A.G. didn't go with the same XBOX slogan "jump in" for this halo ad. Halo 3 odst is for a sick market of kids who want to blow shit up and experience war...yet they are too pussy to actually go to war so they sit on their buts playing video games...

Enough ranting...this ad is a bit more inspiring:

(non SF work)

I thought this ad would be better if it was shorter. The voiceover and cheesey family eating dinner ruined it. They could have stopped after the gates opened and the horses ran for a little. That was my favorite part because it was unexpected. BOOM the music goes and the horses go wild. I also liked the copy in the beginning, especially "once upon a time is now". Original and unique way of revisiting a cliche "Once upon a time". Not too cheesey in the beginning...but got progressively worse. All in all, if this ad was shortened and maybe they put up a website instead of explaining ticket prices etc, it would be better.

INTERPUBLIC-Campbell Mithun

Toro Love the Yard, "Make Snowmen"

For those of you who think creativity is synonymous with novelty or outrageousness, allow us to save you some trouble. What follows is a review of an extraordinary advertising campaign that will not impress you, because you are stupid. .

I like this ad becaue it is simple! 1+1= great idea. Olive Oil+ Butter= "colive" Super clever and to the point. It also makes me want to try it because it's NEW!


Firstly... Mullen's website "7 Modes of the Mind" the "social network" had Facebook, Twitter, MySpace & Ning. Ning was new to me so I was inspired to create my own 'Ning' website. Pretty solid and so easy to use. Why would we take web programming classes when we can make a website in a matter of minutes?

Love the music and the message behind the ad. If you really care about something, such as global warming and animals... why not think about having the polar bear by your side all day? If you're really thinking about this animal he's constantly in your head, traveling by your side. Mullen did a great job with this ad because it visually conveys the message of you're thinking about the earth, the problems arising, and who (polar bears) that are being affected by our behavior.

Monday, March 29, 2010


When you walk int oDeutsch's agency, you see a giant billboard. There is not an ad on it, or a list of ads they've completed...but rather a large photograph of an audience. It remind them that they are here for one reason and that their job is simple :

"to connect with and motivate an audience on behalf of our clients"

Little  Big Planet is part of play station that lets you make your own games! Check out what kind of games people have made on the site. 

Little Big Planet

Here is an example of one of the games, a level that plays itself!


Usually mirrors are a big "no no" and are overdone for print advertising. (When the ad is literally on the mirror in a bathroom or public area). This is a new use of the mirror and it has a nice clean visual effect and displays the product and its different options for the iced coffee in an original way.

INTERPUBLIC-Carmichael Lynch

This is pretty good. It doesn't set itself apart from other car commercials... but conveys the message of why people love subarus.

This goes against the "love" campaign...I dont think the guy is really LOVIN on the sharks. It's cool visuals, but does not convey the message of the subaru. Perhaps if they put dolphins swimming WITH the subaru it would make more sense. Dolphins are more playful and LOVING than a shark, and still imply a swift, fast, powerful car.


One of the more gruesome Axe commercials. I don't understand how a shark attack with fugly guys would attract the models they pose in the end. However, I do understand how a couple of nerdy guys were watching this ad could relate it to something stupid they themselves had done. Wow, if we get that deodorant we can get hot chicks! It's funny, but not very realistic.

Monday, March 22, 2010


creative brief

Draft FCB's creative brief is far different than the standard ones we're studying in Intro to Creative. I like that is  has humor in it, see the "holy shit number" of their brief...actually spelled "s#!t". They also have, "the 6.5 seconds that matter" aka what's the most important info coming from the product, and the "insight". Creative expression is the final funnel that they channel their info through.

Explanation of the 6.5 seconds that matter.
Over 1,000 interviews gave us an average engagement time between consumers and brand messaging of 6.5 seconds. It’s a brief window of opportunity and we may not get a second chance. We have to make our message count.
(Read more about the research).

The 6.5 seconds that matter drives their whole creative process and production.

Here is some WORK:

The spacial use of the airport lobby is a great idea for HDTV because it's a unique space. Where do you get more real people than in an airport? You have a mix of people from all over, like HDTV gives you a mix of experiences. So it does make sense to use that space because it's true to real life. It gets the point across that the HDTV is pure in its visual form and it 
overtakes the viewer, no matter where you are! You can count on a literally moving experience. I liked the reaction of the 
bystanders in the airport and how happy Gisele looked.

So simple and so good! It "works and rewards" because it's NEW for Gerber. They usually have a close up of a little baby and her mommy, but this finally BREAKS AWAY FROM THE TYPICAL GERBER BABY. The copy works really well with the visual. I like how the literally show a "generation" of kids and babies, not just a little infant. When they say "think about it" the kids are pointing to their heads. The image sticks with you because it's distinct from other gerber commercials. I also like the interactive buttons they show at the end displaying the different ages, "infant, toddler, etc". Well done Draftfcb!


Judging from these photos, this place looks like a super fun place to work at! If anyone did that for my bday (at work) that would make my week/year! 

Virtually Fly with American Airlines!
This online interactive advertising made me want to buy an international plane ticket just because the chair looked so comfy and the menu made me salivate! I loved the upgrade to first class...it'd be worth it to me if I was flying for 10 hours+. Hello India Abroad! Can we please fly American!?

INTERPUBLIC-The Martin Agency

"Brands that transform categories, consumer perceptions, and the cultural landscape in their pursuit of dramatic growth. Brands that sell everyday products to everyday people in not-so-everyday ways. Brands like GEICO, UPS, Hanes, Wal-Mart, and NASCAR who each seek to combine its inherent, elemental strengths to produce powerful and positive consumer reactions"  

This is my favorite out of the freecreditreport.com's because it's the best beat by far. The others are a little "off" but since this is actually at a party, and not some dude on a bicycle, it works. The words flow and it's informative info, so killing two birds with one stone.

What a get way to introduce the Geico. He's introducing himself, stating he is an advertising icon. It's irony in the most pure form and captures the viewer. The accent was a great addition because it's a unique voice. The voice alone is funny, plus the great copy, and you've got an almost SNL effect.

Drunk Geico...is this commercial REAL?

The Martin Agency Website directed me to some of its "playful" work on UTUBE. this commercial has not been on television, but it gets thousands of YouTube hits! it's a kind of viral advertising I suppose, it doesn't even advertise Geico...but the Geico has become so much of an icon, that it has YouTube vidoes made for it!

Located in Richmond, Virginia


Even though this was in Spanish (Or Italian?) I still liked it. I couldn't read the copy, but I think the message was that with "Mastercard" you can go anywhere, do anything. The bicycle didn't have a person on it, yet it still traveled everywhere, did everything and kept the "rhythm of life" going. The music made the commercial funny because it instilled a vigor, or personality to the bicycle. A credit card, like a phantom ghost cyclist, doesn't have to have the person driving it all the time, it's dependable on it's own.

This is Classic and beautiful. The hippies are all in harmony drinking coke. I think the main message is the hippies want world peace, and COKE is the drink of the world. If you drink coke, you are making it a better, happier, more peaceful place.

This commercial is GROSS! The pubescent teenage girls ruined the beautiful song. I think they could have used better visuals, especially at a camp ground! I remember at KANAKUK we were deprived of POP, and we all craved it. One night, the counselors did a skit which involved a girl drinking a nice cold coca-cola while the whole camp was salivating! They surprised us all after the skit night with none other than COCA-COLA! YUMMM It was a beautiful night. That would make for a much better "camp" commercial with Coke.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Some may say the baby commercials are overdone, but I think they are awesome. The golf one especially caught my attention because it captures "locker room" talk for males. I can relate because I played golf in high school and in the summers would play with my dad and his buddies. They were goofy a lot of the time, but there's always the business talk, stock talk, and the retirement talk. I'm not in the locker rooms with the guys (obviously) but I can only imagine the older guys chewing on cigars and daydreaming about retiring in the Bahamas. If only babies were in the locker room to join in on the conversation.


JWT's awesome website!

Something that jumped out about their website was a link "ANXIETY INDEX" Anxiety Index. It displayed a bunch of recent news articles about JWT and what they are doing with their brands and advertising to help decrease anxiety about the economy. For instance, a banking company made a childlike cartoon animated film to be un-intimidating in its presentation to convince people to put their money in a bank in order to help the economy and fuel new jobs.

I liked the anxiety index because it informed me about JWT's latest work.  However, the work wasn't just presented as "work" it was news! The news format made for a user friendly read. I read 5 articles in five minutes and now have a better grasp of what JWT's goals are. What a great website!

Besides the "Anxiety Index" I looked at some of the "interactive work".

THIS IS HILLARIOUS. Why don't they run ads like this on the Superbowl? They obviously have spent a lot of time on it and it links the viewer to go play a video game. JWT does a lot of "interactive" advertising which goes along with one of their mottos... "WE CREATE BRANDS OUR CLIENTS WANT TO SPEND TIME WITH".


A website can say a lot about a company...

Young & Rubicam

 Reading their company's mission: "To Resist the Usual". I browsed the site and looked at their interactive, film, print, and radio ads. Then coming back to the motto clarified that they truthfully represent what they claim,"anti-usualists".

WPP-Ogilvy & Mather

I had no idea what these commercials were advertising until it flashed "scrabble"..."the beautiful word". This AD campaign is good because it's not "advertising" or selling scrabble but Ogilvy is creating art and material for the viewer to gnaw on. I was curious the whole time what the commercial was getting at. Why would a sumo wrestler be paired with a guy and a donut gun or a rainbow dinosaur that pops our of an umbrella? That's what you get with scrabble, non-associated characters right next to each to each other. There is a truth that emerges in this commercial, that words can be beautiful, in the context of game and how they appear on a game board. The words stand on their own, but are connected only by the game scrabble. 


Graffiti BBDO