Monday, March 22, 2010


creative brief

Draft FCB's creative brief is far different than the standard ones we're studying in Intro to Creative. I like that is  has humor in it, see the "holy shit number" of their brief...actually spelled "s#!t". They also have, "the 6.5 seconds that matter" aka what's the most important info coming from the product, and the "insight". Creative expression is the final funnel that they channel their info through.

Explanation of the 6.5 seconds that matter.
Over 1,000 interviews gave us an average engagement time between consumers and brand messaging of 6.5 seconds. It’s a brief window of opportunity and we may not get a second chance. We have to make our message count.
(Read more about the research).

The 6.5 seconds that matter drives their whole creative process and production.

Here is some WORK:

The spacial use of the airport lobby is a great idea for HDTV because it's a unique space. Where do you get more real people than in an airport? You have a mix of people from all over, like HDTV gives you a mix of experiences. So it does make sense to use that space because it's true to real life. It gets the point across that the HDTV is pure in its visual form and it 
overtakes the viewer, no matter where you are! You can count on a literally moving experience. I liked the reaction of the 
bystanders in the airport and how happy Gisele looked.

So simple and so good! It "works and rewards" because it's NEW for Gerber. They usually have a close up of a little baby and her mommy, but this finally BREAKS AWAY FROM THE TYPICAL GERBER BABY. The copy works really well with the visual. I like how the literally show a "generation" of kids and babies, not just a little infant. When they say "think about it" the kids are pointing to their heads. The image sticks with you because it's distinct from other gerber commercials. I also like the interactive buttons they show at the end displaying the different ages, "infant, toddler, etc". Well done Draftfcb!

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