Monday, March 22, 2010


Even though this was in Spanish (Or Italian?) I still liked it. I couldn't read the copy, but I think the message was that with "Mastercard" you can go anywhere, do anything. The bicycle didn't have a person on it, yet it still traveled everywhere, did everything and kept the "rhythm of life" going. The music made the commercial funny because it instilled a vigor, or personality to the bicycle. A credit card, like a phantom ghost cyclist, doesn't have to have the person driving it all the time, it's dependable on it's own.

This is Classic and beautiful. The hippies are all in harmony drinking coke. I think the main message is the hippies want world peace, and COKE is the drink of the world. If you drink coke, you are making it a better, happier, more peaceful place.

This commercial is GROSS! The pubescent teenage girls ruined the beautiful song. I think they could have used better visuals, especially at a camp ground! I remember at KANAKUK we were deprived of POP, and we all craved it. One night, the counselors did a skit which involved a girl drinking a nice cold coca-cola while the whole camp was salivating! They surprised us all after the skit night with none other than COCA-COLA! YUMMM It was a beautiful night. That would make for a much better "camp" commercial with Coke.

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