Saturday, May 1, 2010


Act on Co2

Act on CO2 is one of AMV/BBDO's campaigns. This ad isn't obnoxiously "GREEN" like most earth saving tree hugging campaigns. It's not realistic to show a world and how we can save it. It is realistic to show a print ad that symbolizes how one person can reduce their carbon footprint. I like this one, but I liked the shower one better. Essentially, it's the same ad but the light is replaced with a shower. You almost don't need the copy. The visual + logo explains itself. Act on CO2! Reduce your footprint. It works & rewards. It's simple and effective. It's original. Well done AMV/BBDO!

Jung Von Matt

The Jung Von Matt site is in a foreign language, but despite the language barrier I could still get the general idea from this ad. It is obviously advertising for an oral surgeon of some sort. It reminds me of the Dentist saying "open wide"! This non-traditional advertising could really catch someone's eye but I don't know how much reach it has. Not everyone goes bowling, bit it certainly could help you hone in on a target market (the ones who do go bowling frequently, kids, teenagers, men's bowling leagues, etc).


 Court Crandall (who once worked at Ground Zero advertising, who also wrote the movie OLD SCHOOL) hired his staff at Wongdoody to do the trailer.

Old School Trailer

Gossip Girl Ads

These ads remind me of Abercrombie & Fitch's almost pornographic campaigns. It highlights sex and shows Blare in an orgasmic position. They don't show  actual sex on the show (yes kissing and eluding to sex) but I think this ad is taking it too far. Further than even the show goes! I realize the show is about scandal but they could be more creative with how to portray that to the viewers. Plus, viewers know there is sex in the show, maybe entice them to wonder what scandals the girls are really up to.

Secret Weapon Marketing


In the early 1990s Jack in the Box got a lot of bad press because 4 people died from a food poisoning outbreak. They received a lot of bad press and the owner got fired. In 1995 Secret Weapon Marketing saved brought Jack in the Box back to life! (literally) Creating "Jack" the "new owner of Jack in the Box" gave customers something positive to talk about. They had obviously changed their marketing campaign for the better. Ever since these commercials they have increased sales. This is a good example of how good advertising can push product.

Venables, Bell & Partners, SF

Venebles, Bell & Partners ran three of the most popular spots for the 2010 Superbowl: The Audi Green Police, Intell Lunchroom, & Vizio "Forge"


Mammoth "Play Big" print ad. This ad reminds me of the VW "Think Small" ad by Bernbach. Instead of the small skier being the focus, the BIG MOUNTAIN is the focus. It's clever, simple, and gets the point across. All you need in mammoth is a pair of skies and a mountain-you're set!

Mammoth Play Big Commercial
A little comic relief for all you Cali-brah's. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't mind living at the beach, with only an hour plane ride to go skiing.


I like the idea of crafting the logo...but the ad is too short! Give us more of this Modernista! My mom would dig this cause she 
loves her Cadi. I used to be embarrassed that she drove a Cadillac because the old models were driven on average by 
people 72 and older. Ever since they hired a new designer I've grown to like her Cadillacs and appreciate their craftsmanship. They are great for traveling on the highway because you don't even feel like you're moving! A land yacht if you will. :)


22squared |

Lincoln Financial Group's case study wasn't as boring as other financial planning commercials. It started out similar to the norm, with an older couple walking on a beach, but it picked up with the screen went fuzzy and got better as time progressed. I liked their emphasis on "bringing the future to you"... "You are the future". Showing the person talking to an older futuristic version of his self was a clever way of "bringing the future" to the client. What made the vision of the future ever better was the fact that their future self was flying first class and living the high life because they took the time now to invest in their future.