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Time to mouse-proof your home. Despite excellent new products, IKEA's image was deteriorating and spend per visit was falling. IKEA just didn't seem that interesting or different any more. Our brief was to remind people that shopping at IKEA is fun. Our solution was to stoke an emerging trend. More and more, people were abandoning conformity and seeking fresh opportunities for self-expression. Home furnishing was no exception.

I like how this ad not only advertises IKEA, but it also addresses the GLBT community. Obviously the mouse comin g out of the closet is symbolic for a gay person "coming out". This works for IKEA because a lot of GLBT shop there (among others). I'm not sure if I really get the "why be grey"? Phrase? Perhaps they are saying don't be boring/dull- get IKEA! We're colorful and unique. 
Our creative concept "Why Be Grey?" (In The Netherlands, 'grey' is another word for 'boring'.) challenged consumers of all ages to revisit IKEA and buy into a more exciting lifestyle. We positioned IKEA as the 'charming rebel.' Through print ads, posters and live models, we dressed businessmen, supermodels and gay dads in grey furry mice suits, reminding folk to "not be meek." This campaign was done in StrawberryFrog's Amsterdam office.

72 and Sunny

It's heartwarming and makes you want to watch the Discovery Channel. OK, but let's be realistic who doesn't enjoy a little Discovery Channel? SHARK WEEK anyone? Best week EVER! The commercial wasn't too cheeeeesey, it was the right amount of sensitivity (the singing) paired with some not so friendly critters (great whites, dirty jobs, the giant squid). Overall, it conveys what the Discovery Channel does- gives us doses of the world and it's phenomena. The opening line with the astronauts really pulls it together, honestly not that many people get to travel in outer space, but at least we can view it on the Discovery Channel and love our world for that.
One of few well known advertising agencies in LA.


It must be hard not being an APPLE. But DELL did a good job of adapting to what apple started- COLORFUL computers! Dell doesn't advertise any of the software or how the DELL processes... but it does give Apple a run for its money. Now that DELL has colorful computers that look like Apples, yet work differently (more for the business savvy peeps) why not get one if it's cheaper? Also, you can install software similar to Apple's COS's. Now-a-days you can get leopard computer cases, so it doesn't really matter what your computer looks like originally.

I like the modern look of this ad but the color palette of red, orange, and yellow remind me of PAIN- not curing pain. Perhaps they could have gone with blues or greens, more healing colors.

PG Tips ‘It’s the Taste’

Mother London was tasked with re-instating PG Tips as the nation’s favourite drink, reclaiming its rightful place at the heart of popular culture and giving people a reason to love their cuppa once more. Mother London came up with the daringly pragmatic decision to bring Al and Monkey, the much-loved characters of the now defunct ITV Digital, into service as the front monkeys for PG Tips (and a nod back to PG’s ‘Chimps’ heritage). Three years on, the duo is still going strong bringing joy and laughter to tea drinkers across the country. Today PG tips are the nation’s favourite tea; it’s number one in both volume and value. You can buy your Monkey here;

Ground Zero

Read their intro page. It's a long list of accomplishments typed out in a quirky (not cocky) way.

P.S. Their Creative Directors Court Crandall wrote the movie OLD SCHOOL...making this my new favorite agency.

Learn something everyday! Like How to make a manhattan the old school Speakeasy way.

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La Communidad


Click on the umbrella ad. If I was surfing the net and came across this "banner ad" it wouldn't annoy me like normal ads because it is controllable how interactive you are with it. For example, if you click inside the box the umbrella comes up, if not the ad continues to rain. "The Katrina" is an organization that gives aid during big disasters like Katrina.


Not your typical AMERICAN puma ad... I don't think this would pass FTC regulation, BUT I still like it as an ad. It's a bit shocking and yes at the end "sex sells". If you put the copy and sexual connotations aside, the ad is very visually stimulating. In order to keep this campaign in the US, the could have just kept the crazy light effects with music and probably caught a lot of attention. The typical Puma consumer is a bit trendy, on the edge, and sporty, which fits this commercial's setting.


TAXI has a lot of reallly cool campaigns. Not just boring print ads, but virtual cities like the Heineken City or The Plan B ads:

I tried to click on but it takes you to the Plan B website. I think this is a funny way of approaching such a serious subject.

The young, sexually active woman in her early 20s has grown up in an era where for every problem there is a solution. While her attitude towards unwanted pregnancy is serious, her thoughts and feelings about sex are the exact opposite. This led us to the campaign idea: “Oops” happens and, when it does, there’s Plan B.

Posters with the headline “The..........Pill.” invited women to share their sexual “oops” by filling in the blank interactively via mobile phones or online at "". Favouring bars, fitting rooms, and campuses, the approach brought a solution close to the target, in a tone that was close to their playful attitudes about sex, and with media close to their lives.

The “oops” campaign generated a 59% increase in unaided awareness and 28% of visitors to the website clicked through to to receive more information on the product, ultimately resulting in a 19% increase in sales.

Make your own ad:



They did a fantastic job with this print ad! It's such a perfect analogy for finding the perfect job. A job truly should be your passion, or your LOVE in life. The little cupid has so much to grapple with and decide from...the sniper should give ample help to his/her vision. The critics mentioned there was some attention to detail missing with the shadows and highlight colors. They argued there is only one light source, and not enough of a shadow. Also, the highlight on cupid's tummy/face is white, where it should really be more of a skin color or orange glow.

To give the ad a spin, you could replace the baby cupid with a 50 year old hairy man or a fat old lady cupid. Older people need to find jobs too (especially in this economy)!

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I've seen this ad campaign everywhere around Dallas. It's been on billboards, it's in Mockingbird station, North Park Mall-everywhere! It's smart that they put them in shopping areas like Mockingbird Station and The Mall because when you're doing a lot of shopping you want to wear comfortable shoes.

I like how they personified the shoes. I thought crocs were pretty ugly, but the characters make them seem friendly and cuddly. I wouldn't mind gardening in some crocs (not that I garden) but I'd purchase a pair for a rainy day. As a swim coach I want the most comfort in my shoes. The fact that crocs are waterproof is another benefit. I think they could enhance the ad a couple of ways.

1) They could personify the different lines of crocs (not just the red clogs). We see the flip flops and loafers in the very end of the ad, but I'd like to see them in the beginning as characters.

2) Since most of the croc shoes are waterproof, I think that is a good point of differentiation. Why not have the little croc characters splashing around a pool? They could walk around the pool deck massaging people's feet, or playing with the kids in the baby pool.


Doner wanted to get the word out that UPS has many other services than just shipping. They created a great campaign called Cardboard World. Everything in the ads is made of cardboard.

Cardboard World

"We do a lot more than just shipping". This line is true to the ad. UPS takes care of your packages, and put a lot of care into packing and making sure they get to you on time. They are great about tracking shipments so you know when it will arrive. The ad reinforces this understanding with the circus. The customer is on the tightrope- an analogy to the path the package travels. Any moment the package could get destroyed or lost...but not with UPS. Like the flying trapez artists, the UPS delivery persons will take care of your package.

Richards Group
Mr. Potato Head

What struck me about the Richards Group is the leadership. They have about,  "26 creative heads, their average age 40, their average tenure 15 years... All of whom could be running their own agencies". This convinces me it is a great place to work. I've had a few sorority sisters intern at the Richards Group, and they all say it's such a great place to work because everyone makes you feel important, whether you're a top creative, or an intern. (Explain Sydney Story).

Bartle Bogle Hegarty (BBH) 37

OK, their uploading image alone is enough to make me want to learn more about this company. Check it out.  Pretty sweet right? I'd definitely frame that image of the world and put it in my apartment.

I like the LEVI's print ads. Jeans are hard to sell, but the ads are simple and the the point. The slogan boasts "Modern Originals". Who wouldn't want something that's modern and original? Original also takes on a double meaning. Levi's are the original american jean. BBH also captures the "originality" of the jean in the different character's personalities. The artist is laying on the ground in her original denim jeans with polka dots, next to her original painting. It is simple, but it rewards. You remember why LEVI's are a good brand. They are ORIGINAL and these Levi's are modern. I'd say it's a solid pitch!

Weiden + Kennedy 34

Wieden + Kennedy is notorious for a few clients : NIKE, COKE, Honda... to name a few. I want to focus on work we have not looked at in the classroom.

Do you want to see what 23,000 pencils looks like? it spells out "Work is Worship" a popular Indian proverb that basically mean the work comes first.

The Ebay Way

A little goofy, but it works for Delhi. India's audience probably responded well to this because it was similar to Bollywood films.

I also checked out Delhi's Blog:
I like how they wanted more "hand painted" advertisements. This makes me feel reassured that I have a minor in Studio Art.

Perhaps I can sell my painting to Fisher Price for this loverly airplane swing?

Dentsu 5

Dentsu is the only Advertising Agency 
(that I've heard of) that has a CODE OF 
ETHICS. Not to mention, they are confident 
enough to post is on their website! I'm 
Dentsu Code of Ethics
A few clauses that stood out:
(1) We should not discriminate between persons based on reasons of race, religion, national or social origin, sex, age, physical or mental disability or other status.

 [ Me- WOW! to think if ALL agencies could latch onto this. Slowly, if companies follow Dentsu's trend, it will be the norm to respect all persons in advertising, and those who do not have a code of ethics will be the minority. I understand their code of ethics might be a result of Japanese culture, but it is something all cultures should try and copy.] 

1) We will take safety of the citizens into sufficient consideration when we provide high quality solutions to our clients and business partners.
[Me- They are looking out for the good of individuals in society.]
(2) In providing solutions, we are determined to comply with the applicable laws and regulations and to respect societal standards, including human rights. We will not engage in any activity that may have an adverse effect on public order and morals.

Social Causes: Good/Bad advertising approaches

Universal public morality: principles and rules to which all individuals are committed to by being rational human agents and members of a civilized society. A role morality: the ethical principles or rules one is committed to by virtue of her professional role (job). A policeman for example is committed to enforcing the Law. He relies on role morality. An advertiser however relies on universal public morality. When in conflict, universal reality should trump role morality. Ultimately the role morality of advertising is determined by universal morality. Basically this means it is up to the individual to use their best moral judgement and to act ethically for the good of society. This also relates to advertising as a whole. If one advertiser acts against universal morality, it can ruin it for the rest of the industry. Pardon the Ethics lecture, but it seemed fitting for this blog. 

 Social Causes that :

Work     --Arnold Worldwide                        

Why it works:

This series of print ads is timeless. I think they could have even extend the campaign as far back as the ancient Greek and Romans. In my high school latin class we learned that gays were accepted and it was fairly common (if you were an older man) to have a younger gay lover. When did gays start to become hated on?

It is important that we (advertisers) take a moral stance for GLBT just as we would for other groups that have been stereotyped. The ad that said "It took 100 years for this to be considered a family portrait" is powerful because it reminds us that there is no "ideal" family portrait or mold. It's not the 50's anymore, we live in a progressive age. The more society is exposed to the new family portrait(s) the more accepting everyone will be. Here the advertising is being used as a tool to reflect our society. There are GLBT's and we, as an industry, are simply saying "We accept you".


Kinda Works...

Pepsico Frito-Lay turned to StrawberryFrog to identify, create and build a new nationwide Cultural Movement in the United States from scratch. True North. A brand that is about finding your life's true passion sponsored by a brand whose passion is creating the world's most innovative nut snack.
The movement began with full page newspapers across the nation calling on people with passion to join. We built an online community, gave them tools and experiences, and then amplified this to over 40 million Americans by turning True North into the primary sponsor of the Academy Awards.
If you haven't already picked up a pack of True North snacks, one thing you will notice is the elegant modern design of the brand across all touch points, creating an extraordinary experience that is very different from the brands main competitor: Planters. 

I think "True North" works for brand development and marketing strategies, and is not so much a good way of addresing social causes. Instead, it's looking at people who have passions and highlighting them. The True North story that won was about a cafe where she served and helped the homeless. However, FritoLay did not come up with her idea. In a way, they sponsored, or showed her movie at the academy awards. I think it's a smart marketing move, but too broad of a subject matter and not directly tied to a specific social cause. 

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MDC- Kirshenbaum Bond

The Baconator Sandwich Print Ad:**sortBy=random

I like their comparison of Mannequins' skin as "synthetic" and the beautiful real woman's skin as "natural". They were advertising for Jergens 'natural'. Instead of comparing ourselves to only beautiful women, the ad is comparing women to fake women. Idealized perfectly smooth mannequins...but they arn't natural. They lack Jergens natural. :) Am I selling it? Just watch and see what I'm talking about.**sortBy=random

MDC- Cliff Freeman & Partners

Cliff Freeman & Partners completely collapses

November 2, 2009
US advertising agency Cliff Freeman & Partners has completely collapsed leaving Baskin-Robbins to hang with no advertising agency. “Baskin-Robbins is aware that Cliff Freeman & Partners has closed its doors. We have a search under way for a new agency partner.”
Feel free to send in your marketing spam to Media Inquiries at Phone: (781) 737-5200 if you want to be considered for Baskin-Robbins business.
I’m willing to bet that the company goes with a BDA since now they will feel it’s “more stable”. The problem at hand is that this agency is suffering the same fate as all advertising agencies, just happened that this one was rife with mis-management.

Freeman was responsible for the Wendy’s pop-culture sensation “Where’s the beef?” At his own agency, started in 1987, he did Little Caesar’s “Pizza, Pizza” and other memorable work. In the 1990s, there was a run with over-the-top dot-com advertising, such as when it fired a gerbil out of a cannon for
The company see sawed with a rapid loss of clients and advertising revenue, even though they had some holding company money MDC invested almost a million dollars into the ad agency, then earlier this year stated that their 20% stake in Cliff Freeman & Partners is to be returned, sucking out nearly a million from the small advertising agency.

Work: Baskin Robbins "Ice Cream & Cake"
Some may think these ads are annoying, but I think they are catchy! I bet kids are obsessed with these ads because it's easy to remember and little tykes (for the most part) love them some ice cream and cake! The ice-cream/cake combo is the best birthday dessert. 2 for 1. They also used the holidays to their benefit with the thanksgiving characters.

MDC- VitroRobertson

Briny Baird made ridiculous chip shots at a baseball stadium. If he made a few in the bullseye, free lettuce wraps for everyone! Since he made 8/10 lettuce wraps are on the house! All you have to do is send in an email to (see website) and they will mail you a coupon. This is a pretty swell marketing pitch because lettuce wraps are one of the top-5 selling meals. Placing a sponsor like Briny is also smart because it draws in all the golf fans. They build brand association between Briny and PF Changs. Everytime he is on the tour, people will think of PF Changs!
An example of an ad showing food that doesn't look disgusting! No offense, but whenever you go to a restaurant and they show food on the's a little sketchy. Not to mention, when they show commercials and close ups of food-it better look good! Applebee's gets a 4/10 on the food looking good scale. VitroRobertson's PF Chang ad gets a 7/10. It's no five star restaurant, but the mandarin chicken is presented in a classy way. I like how they incorporated the map and where the food was from. It was a nice artistic transition into the plate display. The voiceover and music were fitting and not too corny (cough like Applebees or Long John Silvers-BLEH).

MDC- Crispin Porter+ Bogusky

Burger King came out with a brilliant VIRAL MARKETING campaign, the subservient chicken. Kids and pre-teens love this game *(click subservient chicken) because you can command the chicken to do almost anything. They came out with this game/viral ad a couple of months before the new chicken sandwich came out. Once the chicken sandwich was introduced, kids remembered their chicken friend. Instead of going to McDonalds, they would BEG mom & Dad "LET'S GO TO BK BECAUSE THAT CHICKEN IS SOOOO TIGHT".... or something along those lines. It was a brilliant marketing campaign because it reached a lot of consumers, pushed product, got people into the store and entertained.

Subservient Chicken


  [suhb-sur-vee-uhnt]  Show IPA
serving or acting in a subordinate capacity; subordinate.
servile; excessively submissive; obsequious: subservientpersons; subservient conduct.
useful in promoting a purpose or end.


Very unimpressed with the website. It was boring and I couldn't see the work because it was too small...BOO.

When I tried to look at their commercial, this is what I found:

Yikes. This looks like copy and paste advertising... or an infomercial.


Website  presentation made the top 5 on my list of most innovative and attention grabbing. It opens with a key hole with a little girl asking "Imagine what it would be like to look into the future...that would be amazing". 

Yes, babies are overdone with the E*Trade, but this one still cracks me up! Euro RSCG did a good job of making it "Old School" with the retro boom box and ROLLER SKATES. If they used roller blades I don't think it would have been as urban "hip hop" trendy. It would have been a bunch of babies on rollerblades. But the nude baby leotards and rollerblades, paired with the music made it almost classic. When I think of the song they used, I immediately think of the old grandma in Wedding Singer. Now, it has an opposite effect, appealing to a younger generation of dancers. I liked how they took a product like water and did something fun with it. I will remember this ad when I see Evian because the baby blue and pink on the Evian label reminds me of youth and babies. It was a good association and fit with the tag line.

K. This missed it. It's a baby but it's NOT FUNNY. It completely took advantage of the baby. It's awkward because the baby can't even can it moon walk? Definitely took advantage of a cute baby and added some bad special effects. Obviously it's computer generated. It doesn't connect to the product, water, or the slogan "Live young".

HAVAS- Arnold Worldwide


(press here)

To think this was in DALLAS! I wanna go! I've never been on a cruise and this makes me think their cruises are FUN because their advertising is FUN. Their whole approach is so let people (like me who are in Dallas right now) feel like they are on a vacation. What a great concept. The vacation commercials with couples holding hands are so over done. But THIS- wow, innovative. A kid would like to try this out and I can see older couples wanting to be kids again all because of this glorious ad. I think it has potential to go big and Public as well as downsize so it's more accessible to more people. Perhaps have this game at all McDonald's or something...around the Jungle Gym? P.S. whoever thought of McDonalds playgrounds was a genius...

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Publicis- Team One Advertising

Love the copy "But it's just more fun showing old people". This is true! You're sitting around the dinner table and what are you going to talk about with your elderly family members? HOW TIGHT YOUR BOOST MOBILE IS. Then they spread the word to their friends (or hommies). Products shape our generation, as well as reflect our generations. If one generation picks up a new product, they need to share it with the older generation so we can all feel connected to these products (especially useful ones like phones). I remember hooking both of my grandparents up with cell phones. They don't use them often, but it's still comforting to know I can get a hold of them.

This one does a good job of selling a feature of the phone. It isn't an annoying commercial with a close up of the phone with some text trying to tell you it's a decent price. Most cell phone plans are affordable now-a-days. The product differentiation is what makes someone buy one phone over the other. When this ad came out ring tones were a big deal. The concept of having a song play for the answering machine was new and original. It set you apart. It also lets the consumer add to their identity by what song they chose. Let's not forget, it confuses Grandma and Grandpa into thinking you are at church!

Publicis- Kaplan Thaler Group

This is a little corny... "Baby come back"? Come on... they could find a more upbeat tune (AT THE LEAST!) They focus too much on the negative (the old broom) relaxing in the hottub trying to lull the user back to the old ways. They tried, but it just doesn't hit the funny-o-meter. I give them a 10 for being cheese balls!

Publicis-Fallon Worldwide+ Work that "combines lots of elements"

These three commercials advertising SONY BRAVIA "Color" are INSANE. They work and reward because they give you a fantasy of color. They let your mind play and relax at the same time. What WORKS is it tells you about the product. The color is FABULOUS and the moments you capture only happen once. So you BETTER have a good CAMERA and ink in your printer to keep these vibrant memories alive.


This is a spectacular ad for a lot of reasons. I like it because it takes you out of your chair and takes you to a fantasy land. It's a place I've never been and a place I want to stay in and be engaged. It's like seeing Alice and Wonderland for the first time, it's riveting. It's also providing a broader message. A diesel engine that has barely a sound! They are taking something (the sound of a loud diesel engine, that everyone HATES- and HONDA is making the diesel sound good...something that everyone loves (or loves to hate because they are jellous they don't have a diesel themselves.