Wednesday, April 28, 2010



Time to mouse-proof your home. Despite excellent new products, IKEA's image was deteriorating and spend per visit was falling. IKEA just didn't seem that interesting or different any more. Our brief was to remind people that shopping at IKEA is fun. Our solution was to stoke an emerging trend. More and more, people were abandoning conformity and seeking fresh opportunities for self-expression. Home furnishing was no exception.

I like how this ad not only advertises IKEA, but it also addresses the GLBT community. Obviously the mouse comin g out of the closet is symbolic for a gay person "coming out". This works for IKEA because a lot of GLBT shop there (among others). I'm not sure if I really get the "why be grey"? Phrase? Perhaps they are saying don't be boring/dull- get IKEA! We're colorful and unique. 
Our creative concept "Why Be Grey?" (In The Netherlands, 'grey' is another word for 'boring'.) challenged consumers of all ages to revisit IKEA and buy into a more exciting lifestyle. We positioned IKEA as the 'charming rebel.' Through print ads, posters and live models, we dressed businessmen, supermodels and gay dads in grey furry mice suits, reminding folk to "not be meek." This campaign was done in StrawberryFrog's Amsterdam office.

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