Wednesday, April 28, 2010


It must be hard not being an APPLE. But DELL did a good job of adapting to what apple started- COLORFUL computers! Dell doesn't advertise any of the software or how the DELL processes... but it does give Apple a run for its money. Now that DELL has colorful computers that look like Apples, yet work differently (more for the business savvy peeps) why not get one if it's cheaper? Also, you can install software similar to Apple's COS's. Now-a-days you can get leopard computer cases, so it doesn't really matter what your computer looks like originally.

I like the modern look of this ad but the color palette of red, orange, and yellow remind me of PAIN- not curing pain. Perhaps they could have gone with blues or greens, more healing colors.

PG Tips ‘It’s the Taste’

Mother London was tasked with re-instating PG Tips as the nation’s favourite drink, reclaiming its rightful place at the heart of popular culture and giving people a reason to love their cuppa once more. Mother London came up with the daringly pragmatic decision to bring Al and Monkey, the much-loved characters of the now defunct ITV Digital, into service as the front monkeys for PG Tips (and a nod back to PG’s ‘Chimps’ heritage). Three years on, the duo is still going strong bringing joy and laughter to tea drinkers across the country. Today PG tips are the nation’s favourite tea; it’s number one in both volume and value. You can buy your Monkey here;

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