Wednesday, April 7, 2010


RGA... Digital Agency of the Decade!
Check out their three videos. I love the piano music and overlapping of the all the work they've done in the second and third videos. The unpredictable, and jazz like unpredictability of the sounds is great for a collage video like this. It really gives you a good picture(s) of what they've been working on. Out of all of the website I've seen so far, this was the most engaging and accessible. It's layout is similar to an online newspaper, and you want to keep scrolling down to see what else they have to say.

ATTENTION ALL CREATIVES...Check out what a "platform is"...IT MIGHT BE USEFUL
This website RGA made is targeting  pre-teens, teens, and really anyone who feels overwhelmed by social networks and texting "stalkers" or "texting bullies". Texting bullies are people who spread rumors or naked pictures of their girlfriend/boyfriends via text-YIKES! Note: if you're under 18, this is ILLEGAL and considered child be careful youngings (and everyone for that matter).

I'm a firm believer that it's not healthy to text your boyfriend (or friends or family) constantly. It gives you a headache and takes your mind off of what you're doing, or should be doing. Texting or "sexting" has gone too far. Girls think boys like them because they text them, but who knows how many other girls they sent that mass text to! It confuses couples and makes them feel like they are in a relationship when they text their significant other incessantly... However, they are only in a texting relationship.

Couples and friends need more face to face interaction to really get to know one another. It's scary that we know everything about everyone... I guess it's just something our generation will have to adapt to, or change. Who knows what kind of texting laws will come into play. "Yeah, I put a restriction order so he can't text me anymore"...YIKES!

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