Monday, April 19, 2010

Publicis- Team One Advertising

Love the copy "But it's just more fun showing old people". This is true! You're sitting around the dinner table and what are you going to talk about with your elderly family members? HOW TIGHT YOUR BOOST MOBILE IS. Then they spread the word to their friends (or hommies). Products shape our generation, as well as reflect our generations. If one generation picks up a new product, they need to share it with the older generation so we can all feel connected to these products (especially useful ones like phones). I remember hooking both of my grandparents up with cell phones. They don't use them often, but it's still comforting to know I can get a hold of them.

This one does a good job of selling a feature of the phone. It isn't an annoying commercial with a close up of the phone with some text trying to tell you it's a decent price. Most cell phone plans are affordable now-a-days. The product differentiation is what makes someone buy one phone over the other. When this ad came out ring tones were a big deal. The concept of having a song play for the answering machine was new and original. It set you apart. It also lets the consumer add to their identity by what song they chose. Let's not forget, it confuses Grandma and Grandpa into thinking you are at church!

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