Tuesday, April 20, 2010

MDC- Cliff Freeman & Partners

Cliff Freeman & Partners completely collapses

November 2, 2009
US advertising agency Cliff Freeman & Partners has completely collapsed leaving Baskin-Robbins to hang with no advertising agency. “Baskin-Robbins is aware that Cliff Freeman & Partners has closed its doors. We have a search under way for a new agency partner.”
Feel free to send in your marketing spam to Media Inquiries at Phone: (781) 737-5200 if you want to be considered for Baskin-Robbins business.
I’m willing to bet that the company goes with a BDA since now they will feel it’s “more stable”. The problem at hand is that this agency is suffering the same fate as all advertising agencies, just happened that this one was rife with mis-management.

Freeman was responsible for the Wendy’s pop-culture sensation “Where’s the beef?” At his own agency, started in 1987, he did Little Caesar’s “Pizza, Pizza” and other memorable work. In the 1990s, there was a run with over-the-top dot-com advertising, such as when it fired a gerbil out of a cannon for Outpost.com.
The company see sawed with a rapid loss of clients and advertising revenue, even though they had some holding company money MDC invested almost a million dollars into the ad agency, then earlier this year stated that their 20% stake in Cliff Freeman & Partners is to be returned, sucking out nearly a million from the small advertising agency.

Work: Baskin Robbins "Ice Cream & Cake"
Some may think these ads are annoying, but I think they are catchy! I bet kids are obsessed with these ads because it's easy to remember and little tykes (for the most part) love them some ice cream and cake! The ice-cream/cake combo is the best birthday dessert. 2 for 1. They also used the holidays to their benefit with the thanksgiving characters.

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