Tuesday, April 20, 2010

MDC- VitroRobertson

Briny Baird made ridiculous chip shots at a baseball stadium. If he made a few in the bullseye, free lettuce wraps for everyone! Since he made 8/10 lettuce wraps are on the house! All you have to do is send in an email to pfchangs.com (see website) and they will mail you a coupon. This is a pretty swell marketing pitch because lettuce wraps are one of the top-5 selling meals. Placing a sponsor like Briny is also smart because it draws in all the golf fans. They build brand association between Briny and PF Changs. Everytime he is on the tour, people will think of PF Changs!

An example of an ad showing food that doesn't look disgusting! No offense, but whenever you go to a restaurant and they show food on the menu...it's a little sketchy. Not to mention, when they show commercials and close ups of food-it better look good! Applebee's gets a 4/10 on the food looking good scale. VitroRobertson's PF Chang ad gets a 7/10. It's no five star restaurant, but the mandarin chicken is presented in a classy way. I like how they incorporated the map and where the food was from. It was a nice artistic transition into the plate display. The voiceover and music were fitting and not too corny (cough like Applebees or Long John Silvers-BLEH).

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