Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Website  presentation made the top 5 on my list of most innovative and attention grabbing. It opens with a key hole with a little girl asking "Imagine what it would be like to look into the future...that would be amazing". 

Yes, babies are overdone with the E*Trade, but this one still cracks me up! Euro RSCG did a good job of making it "Old School" with the retro boom box and ROLLER SKATES. If they used roller blades I don't think it would have been as urban "hip hop" trendy. It would have been a bunch of babies on rollerblades. But the nude baby leotards and rollerblades, paired with the music made it almost classic. When I think of the song they used, I immediately think of the old grandma in Wedding Singer. Now, it has an opposite effect, appealing to a younger generation of dancers. I liked how they took a product like water and did something fun with it. I will remember this ad when I see Evian because the baby blue and pink on the Evian label reminds me of youth and babies. It was a good association and fit with the tag line.

K. This missed it. It's a baby but it's NOT FUNNY. It completely took advantage of the baby. It's awkward because the baby can't even walk...how can it moon walk? Definitely took advantage of a cute baby and added some bad special effects. Obviously it's computer generated. It doesn't connect to the product, water, or the slogan "Live young".

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