Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I've seen this ad campaign everywhere around Dallas. It's been on billboards, it's in Mockingbird station, North Park Mall-everywhere! It's smart that they put them in shopping areas like Mockingbird Station and The Mall because when you're doing a lot of shopping you want to wear comfortable shoes.

I like how they personified the shoes. I thought crocs were pretty ugly, but the characters make them seem friendly and cuddly. I wouldn't mind gardening in some crocs (not that I garden) but I'd purchase a pair for a rainy day. As a swim coach I want the most comfort in my shoes. The fact that crocs are waterproof is another benefit. I think they could enhance the ad a couple of ways.

1) They could personify the different lines of crocs (not just the red clogs). We see the flip flops and loafers in the very end of the ad, but I'd like to see them in the beginning as characters.

2) Since most of the croc shoes are waterproof, I think that is a good point of differentiation. Why not have the little croc characters splashing around a pool? They could walk around the pool deck massaging people's feet, or playing with the kids in the baby pool.

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