Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Dentsu 5

Dentsu is the only Advertising Agency 
(that I've heard of) that has a CODE OF 
ETHICS. Not to mention, they are confident 
enough to post is on their website! I'm 
Dentsu Code of Ethics
A few clauses that stood out:
(1) We should not discriminate between persons based on reasons of race, religion, national or social origin, sex, age, physical or mental disability or other status.

 [ Me- WOW! to think if ALL agencies could latch onto this. Slowly, if companies follow Dentsu's trend, it will be the norm to respect all persons in advertising, and those who do not have a code of ethics will be the minority. I understand their code of ethics might be a result of Japanese culture, but it is something all cultures should try and copy.] 

1) We will take safety of the citizens into sufficient consideration when we provide high quality solutions to our clients and business partners.
[Me- They are looking out for the good of individuals in society.]
(2) In providing solutions, we are determined to comply with the applicable laws and regulations and to respect societal standards, including human rights. We will not engage in any activity that may have an adverse effect on public order and morals.

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