Tuesday, March 30, 2010


SF, Halo 3 ODST

This commercial is a collaborative effort between many high tech companies, including T.A.G. SF. I liked how real it was... a bit scary though. I felt like it was more of a movie and not a game... I suppose they want you to think that so you have a "real life" experience in the game...yikes. Who would want to go to war, let alone, who really thinks of it as a game? I don't get how a game of death is something you want to "Jump In" to and I'm glad T.A.G. didn't go with the same XBOX slogan "jump in" for this halo ad. Halo 3 odst is for a sick market of kids who want to blow shit up and experience war...yet they are too pussy to actually go to war so they sit on their buts playing video games...

Enough ranting...this ad is a bit more inspiring:

(non SF work)

I thought this ad would be better if it was shorter. The voiceover and cheesey family eating dinner ruined it. They could have stopped after the gates opened and the horses ran for a little. That was my favorite part because it was unexpected. BOOM the music goes and the horses go wild. I also liked the copy in the beginning, especially "once upon a time is now". Original and unique way of revisiting a cliche "Once upon a time". Not too cheesey in the beginning...but got progressively worse. All in all, if this ad was shortened and maybe they put up a website instead of explaining ticket prices etc, it would be better.

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