Tuesday, March 16, 2010


JWT's awesome website!

Something that jumped out about their website was a link "ANXIETY INDEX" Anxiety Index. It displayed a bunch of recent news articles about JWT and what they are doing with their brands and advertising to help decrease anxiety about the economy. For instance, a banking company made a childlike cartoon animated film to be un-intimidating in its presentation to convince people to put their money in a bank in order to help the economy and fuel new jobs.

I liked the anxiety index because it informed me about JWT's latest work.  However, the work wasn't just presented as "work" it was news! The news format made for a user friendly read. I read 5 articles in five minutes and now have a better grasp of what JWT's goals are. What a great website!

Besides the "Anxiety Index" I looked at some of the "interactive work".

THIS IS HILLARIOUS. Why don't they run ads like this on the Superbowl? They obviously have spent a lot of time on it and it links the viewer to go play a video game. JWT does a lot of "interactive" advertising which goes along with one of their mottos... "WE CREATE BRANDS OUR CLIENTS WANT TO SPEND TIME WITH".

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