Monday, February 8, 2010

SUPERBOWL 2010-- Best & Worst


* "Joyride" by DAVID & GOLIATH, ____________(2011 KIA Sorento)
The animated/stuffed animals grabbed my attention. The retro characters were the personalities of people that in my opinion would drive a KIA. It made me want to take a road trip in no other car, but a KIA Sorento because the music was upbeat, the car was spacious, practical, portrays it has good milage if they are going across the nation. All around- good time.

* "Screaming Chickens" by OMNICON--> Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, _______________ (Denny's)
Outrageously funny. Makes you wonder....why are they screaming? The kicker is at the end, so it makes you watch the whole commercial. A smart marketing move to give away breakfast on Tuesday (it gives you time to get into the week monday, and something to look forward to on
Tuesday). It showed you the meal you would get, which looked pretty decent. I'd go in to Denny's because it's free! It was smart because Denny's recently upgraded their furnishings, and telling america to go and get a free meal, will automatically make people see the new look of Denny's.

*"My Generation" Magner Sanborn & Agency, Southern, CAL (Flotv-live mobile tv)
It wasn't your typical "newsreel" photocollage. The clips were interesting, and authentic like they were seen on the old TV's. I like how as
time progressed, the quality of the image was more clear, like it would be on an actual LIVE MOBILE FLO TV. It appeals to a variety of viewers ranging in age.

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