Monday, January 25, 2010

Silly Zamboni...Razors are for Skin!

The Gillette razor ad is a great way to reach a target audience of Men. The Zamboni (machine that cleans the ice so it's smooth) is a perfect comparison to a clean shave. The fact that mostly men watch hockey games proves the point of hitting a target audience. Gillette could even take the advertisement a step further by doing some sort of promotion of razors at the game. Not only would the crowd at the hockey game see the ad, but people watching the game on TV could see the ad. The blown up razor on the Zamboni is subtle and hilarious. I remember going to a Stars game and seeing a blimp floating around promoting a burrito from non other than Chipotle. It's all about being in your face at a sporting event, and what better way than on the ice where everyone is looking?

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