Saturday, January 23, 2010

Ode to a Bean Bag

Empty rooms are like blank canvases. cliché ? ...we'll see. There's vulnerable space to be taken advantage of. For an entire semester my room was pretty empty. I had a photograph collage that a friend gave to me for my 21st, it's cute and meaningful, but it's not Art  with a capitol "A" and not something I would chose to put on my wall. I'm not a big fan of those houses that are decorated wall to wall with Isaac Alongi "professional" family portraits. One is enough, you don't need to take a family portrait every year, and have individuals of every kid. A couple photographs framed here and there, in an artistic, well captured moment are good...but when it's overdone and collaged together...ew (no offense Dylan and Andy I love that gift).
     For an entire semester I left my walls artless and my carpet bare. Keep in mind I live in a sorority house and share a 2x4 with my roomate Daisey, and not a piece of wood. (hah).  Actually, I'm not complaining. We were blessed with a new house this year and the rooms are rather large for a sorority house. About double the size of your average dorm room.
     Literally, the week before thanksgiving break my mom took the liberty to send me a carpet! I chose a round 6' shag. I wanted it to be circular because I think they are more inviting that squares. Also, since our room is a square, it's always nice to fit a circle in a square (very pantheon-esk). People responded to the carpet. I started having regular visitors who wanted to come sit and play cards on my cozy rug. Not gonna lie, it's soft and reminds me of my Sheepdog Monty.
     But the rug wasn't cutting it. On multiple occasions Kate would come in and chat and always comment, "There's not place to sit on your room but your bed... I feel awkward sitting on your bed". I would always kind of chuckle, but I knew that we needed something. I looked at bean bags online and those goofy "gamer chairs", but wasn't ready to purchase something without it being perfect. One evening I happened to wonder into Urban Outfitters and for the first time in my life a piece of furniture spoke to me. It yearned, "BRITTANY, BUY ME I AM THE BEAN BAG SENT DOWN FROM HEAVEN FOR THE SOLE PURPOSE OF MOLDING TO YOUR BUM". What did it look like? Why an original POLLOCK! I couldn't help but chuckle in class when Professor Allen showed us the digital pollock link. And you too can be an artistic genius!  

Click Me!

What's ironic about this bean bag is it inspired a painting idea for me. No, I wasn't tempted to splatter paint on a canvas... been there, done that. But I thought a bean bag could be a great canvas! Especially for college students. So be on the lookout, I may be expanding my medium to canvas beanbags.

P.S. Check out the transformation of my room. Now everyone comes and hangs out, Pi Phi house Room 220, join the party!


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